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5 Steps to Make Perfect Jewelry Boxes for Your Business

Jewelry making is an art form that not everyone has mastered yet; there’s also plenty of room for improvement if you want to be successful in this industry. Appealing jewelry boxes are a great way to make your jewelry business stand out. You can buy these packaging boxes from various manufacturers, but the best way is to have Custom Boxes Wholesale made for your business. Making perfect jewelry boxes start with choosing the material and size of the box. There are many options when it comes to these two aspects of jewelry boxes which makes them perfect for any business or individual who needs a personalized touch on their products.

If you’re looking forward to making some custom jewelry boxes, we’ve got five steps to help you with this process.

  • Decide the Size and Type of Jewelry Box

The first thing you need to do is decide what jewelry boxes will be best for your business. There are many types available, including jewelry displays, jewelry transit cases, jewelry store fixtures, storage units, and more. Then, choose a custom-made solution that suits your needs.

The jewelry boxes come in various sizes. It’s a good idea to measure the space where you will be putting your jewelry box before deciding on the size and type of jewelry box.

After a thorough analysis of the size and type of the box, you can move forward to the next step.

  • Evaluate the Packaging Materials

Different purchasers have different preferences when it comes to selecting material depending on their location in the world and if they’re an individual or retailer. You can select from plastic, paperboard, to corrugated materials to produce muscular jewelry packaging that is durable enough for rough handling during the shipping process without compromising its structural integrity.

Your jewelry should not be damaged due to improper handling with inadequate packaging, so ensure the durability of the packaging boxes to avoid any damages to your packed goods.

  • Plastic jewelry boxes are an excellent option for jewelry where people may be traveling to a different part of the world or if they’re on vacation and need to transport jewelry.
  • Paperboard is another good choice because it’s lightweight but flexible enough that there won’t be any issues with crushing while being handled throughout distribution channels.
  • Corrugated cardboard jewelry packaging has less durability than plastic, so this would only work well for lighter items like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc., not heavier pieces such as rings.

Corrugate comes in many varieties of thicknesses (depending on what you purchase), so make sure your corrugate box can withstand whatever weight you happen to pack into it.

  • Make Beautiful Packaging Designs for Your Jewelry Boxes

This step is about designing the jewelry box packaging to stand out on retail shelves and be an attractive purchase. Consider your budget, manpower, time constraints, and any other factors before you start brainstorming designs. If you’re not confident in how to create professional-looking graphics for jewelry boxes, then consider hiring a designer or using templates online, which has many free options for DIY jewelry designers.

There are three things to keep in mind when looking at jewelry box design:

  • Size of the Interior Space

Most jewelry boxes have one compartment, but some may require two compartments (since they contain bracelets), so consider beforehand.

  • Color Scheme

This can be based on what colors you have selected for your jewelry, and consider the type of jewelry you want to keep in the box. For example, a jewelry maker may wish to organize their jewelry by color and put boxes containing gold jewelry with other gold pieces.

  • Materials Used for Construction

The materials used can vary depending on what types of jewelry are being stored or if it needs to be waterproofed. These materials play a vital role in making appealing designs for these boxes because some materials are easy to mold and print, while some materials are difficult to process and print, so always consider the materials before starting the designing process.

  • Focus on Printing Processes

Another important thing jewelry-makers need to keep in mind is the printing process. Printing jewelry boxes can be a bit tricky because of all the small details that you want to include on them, and it’s always best to think about what colors will work well with your design before starting any processes like screen-printing or laser cutting. The types of paper used also need consideration as this influence how detailed images are printed onto jewelry boxes.

So always choose a printing technique that suits your packaging materials and has the ability to deliver more prominent results. Some of the famous printing techniques are Screen printing, Laser Cutting and Foil Printing.

  • Screen Printing

It is a process in which images are transferred to jewelry boxes by using a stencil and applying ink onto the jewelry box.

  • Laser Cutting

It is similar to the screen-printing technique, but with laser cutting, there’s no need for screens or stencils, and it works better on flat surfaces that can be cut easily. So, if your design has intricate details, then this would not work very well because you might end up breaking the jewelry box when trying to cut into them.

  • Foil Printing

This type of printing uses metal foil adhered to paper or cardboard as its base material and creates designs that are raised from their surface. The major downside is that these types of prints don’t stand out as other techniques do, so they’re usually used for small items.

  • Check the Box Performance with Quality Tests

This should be the last and final thing you do before releasing your jewelry box design. Quality tests will make sure that there are no errors in your jewelry boxes that could lead to customer complaints or returns.

The best way to test jewelry boxes is to perform a drop test, which involves dropping the box from various heights and holding items inside. This process can also help identify any problems with manufacturing or assembly processes so that they can be corrected at once.

Famous packaging companies like Impression Ville performs these quality tests to ensure the delivery of quality products to their clients. So, choose them to get the most accurate boxes according to your business needs.



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