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6 promises to make to your sister this Raksha Bandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is approaching near and you will soon be receiving your sister’s affection through an online Rakhi delivery at your place. While your sister will be displaying her affection through the rakhi that she will be sent for you in order to send you her love, despite the restrictions of the pandemic;¬† You might be wondering about the perfect gifts that can be given to your sister in order to make her feel secure and loved. Given below are six promises that you can make to your sister in order to give her the best Rakhi gift.

Do not intrude on her personal space

One thing which everyone would be concerned about is their personal space, for it becomes very difficult for us to react when someone intrudes on our personal space; not just physically but through their actions as well. You might be intruding on the personal space of your sister through your deeds and you might have no clue about it. If you don’t want to make it obvious or awkward for your sister, you can simply say that if it happened that unknowingly you intrude on her personal space or make her feel weird, you would be apologetic for it and be mindful that you won’t repeat it in the future.

Respect her privacy

It happens often that we forget about the concept of privacy, whether knowingly or unknowingly. We happen to ask questions to our sisters in terms of their life and it might happen that there might be some aspects of their life that she wants to keep to herself or does not want to share with you but with someone else. In such situations, you need not compel her to share the information with you. After all, it’s her choice what she wants to share with you and what piece of information she wants to keep herself.

Feel free to share your secrets

Sometimes it happens in certain families that the bond of siblings is not so good; may be due to the differential treatment given to both the genders or whatever may be the case. So, you can promise your sister that she can always feel free to share her secrets or any sort of emotion that she wants to convey because you are there to listen to her and also help her, if she needs any help. Making this promise to your sister will strengthen your bond and fill the gaps which would have been there.

Be there for her

While you are busy looking for Rakhi gifts for sister, one gift that you already have to give to your sister is a promise or assurance to her that no matter what happens in life for whatever the instances, she can always rely upon you because her brother’s shoulder is strong enough to support his sister. So one gift that you shall definitely give your sister is an assurance of you being there for her always and if you do not want to convey it directly, you can just make sure that you will be there for her whether she asks for your help or not.

Let her make mistakes

We are so afraid of making mistakes and their consequences that we stop trying. However, this must not be the case. After all, mistakes are the best teachers in a person’s life! No matter how much you love your sister, no matter how much you want to protect her from everything, what you have to do is to let her make some mistakes so that she can take chances in life and learn lessons from what all goes wrong. So that she doesn’t repeat it in the future and also does not need people to always help her.

Make her feel powerful

No doubt, it is good to help your sister and to ensure that she does not go through any hardships. After all, you don’t like to see tears in your sister’s eyes. However, you must ensure that you shall not over pamper so that she does not become completely dependent upon you for all her needs in life. You shall make her feel powerful and self-reliant in order to give her the gift of confidence and independence. You can send rakhi to mumbai in order to shower your love upon your sister.


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