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A True Review About the Apple Watch Loop Band

Overview of My Experience

On 22nd September 2017, Apple launched series 3. With the successful launch, Apple also introduced the first sport loop band. I stalked the reviews of customers purchasing the Apple sport loop band. Thus, users had a great experience. 

With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 5, the brand also introduced a unique mix-match approach. In other words, they gave freedom to Apple users to purchase & pair the sport loop band to match any style. No matter what series we have! 

My first sport loop band experience was with Series 5 ( my first Apple smartwatch). I purchased a dark blue band that cost $49. At the same time, my friend purchased from a reliable third-party source which was less than what I paid. Surely that was hurting. However, I thought the quality would definitely differ. Well, I was amazed by the quality of the loop band as it was pretty good. The band was soft, light, and breathable. 

I remember the band he got has a layer of pads (at one end of the band below) with hooks on them. The hooks were smaller and didn’t feel like the band had any hooks. Moreover, it was easy to attach the hooks. 

He said it’s really comfortable to wear in summers, the most sweaty time. The issue with the Apple sport band is that the sweat is trapped under the band. That’s one of the major reasons to introduce the band with the tiny loops. More holes mean that it’s easy to wear during hot seasons. The loop band just soaks up the sweat and dries out quickly. 

I sweat a lot during my workout. So, the recent one that I bought is a nylon strap. I recommend it to all the athletes or workout freaks. It surely renders a delight and a comfortable feel. For swimming, you can try either a nylon or polyester sport loop band as the materials are water-resistant. But ensure it’s not waterproof. With my research, I found polyester fabric getting high points for the swimmers. 

I am now a fan of the sport loop Apple Watch band. Wearing it for my day & night look. It actually looks super cool with my casual attire. I don’t think it’s only limited to the sport purpose. It can be your daily wear. You don’t feel too tight around the wrist. Even the sport loop doesn’t slide up & down your wrist. Give you the freedom to adjust according to your wrist size. 

Two Consideration Before Buying the Loop Strap

Ensure Size

Apple recommends a 44 mm Apple Watch strap for the larger wrist that falls between 145 to 220 mm wrists. Therefore they have the size for every wrist size. First-time users should be cautious before purchasing the loop band. If you’re purchasing online from a third party website, ensure to follow the correct size guidelines.

Viral Trend

The band ends up in different hues. When Apple introduced it for the first time, the colours were less and uniform on both sides of the strap. Moreover, Apple is not only the seller; many other sellers established a good market for Apple Watch bands. Hence, ensure the seller has good reviews & authenticity. 

The viral colours are indigo, orange, red, beige, pomegranate, and navy blue. These are even perfect summer colours. You can get a variety of options where one trend calls much attention- “the two matching shades”. Perhaps, give a true picture of the sport style.

So whenever using your Apple watch in an environment which requires a lot of energy like swimming, yoga, gym, cycling, walking and much more. Look for the comfy sport loop band that gives you freedom with every usage. 



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