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Use Your Apple Watch to Control Apple TV

Switch the current band with a sport loop for Apple Watch and it will get a sporty look. The watch also helps you in staying healthy. Do you know that you can also use your Apple Watch to control your Apple TV? Let’s see how you can do that. 

Apple Remote App 

Take the following steps to set up the app: 

  • Press the digital crown 
  • Remote app 
  • Add Device 

This will give you a passcode. You need to remember this passcode. 

Apple TV 

Get the Siri Remote. Press the Menu button. This will take you to the home screen of your TV. Now, take the following steps: 

  • Settings 
  • General 
  • Remotes 
  • Select to Add 

You will see the name of the watch. Did you write the passcode somewhere? Enter the passcode on the TV.  

Now, get back to the watch and click Done. The Remote app on the watch shows an Apple TV icon. If the watch does not show this icon, rebooting the watch will fix this. Press and hold the side button. Slide Power Off and then start the watch again. If this does not work then you can force restart your Apple TV. 

Your Apple Watch comes with a Remote app. You can link this app to any model of Apple TV, even the older ones. All you need to do is set up. Now, you can sit on your sofa after a long and tiring day. You don’t need a remote control to switch on the TV and pick what you want to watch or listen to. You can do this using your watch. You can also use your watch to explore Netflix, MUBI and other apps. The app allows you to play, pause and resume content. You can go to the menu using the app. The app enables you to access Apple Music libraries and iTunes. 

What’s Next 

Now you have connected the watch to the TV. It’s time to know how you can do things using the watch. Take the following steps: 

  • Press the Digital Crown 
  • Launch Remote app 
  • You will see an Apple TV icon. Tap this icon. 

Now you will see a touch-sensitive Swipe. You will also see the following: 

  • A Menu button 
  • Play/Pause command 
  • A List button signified by three dots and three lines      


Tapping Menu takes you back a level. This will take you to the Apple TV Apps. 


Play/pause allows you to play and pause video or music.    


Navigate your Apple TV screen with Swipe. 

List button takes you back to the device connector screen. Now, you can control the device of your choice using your Apple Watch. Isn’t it amazing? However, there is a limitation of using Apple Watch to control your Apple TV. 

What if you don’t want to use your Apple Watch? You can do this by removing the TV from the app on your watch. Press and hold on the remote app. You will get the options menu. Now take the following steps: 

  • Tap Edit 
  • Tap X button to remove the unit

Take the following steps on Apple TV: 

  • Settings 
  • General 
  • Remotes 
  • Click the Watch’s name to remove
  • Remove    

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