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10 Beauty and Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women are eager to have the best beauty and fashion tips to ease their daily life. Only not because of convenience, but for looking naturally beautiful and stylish. A lot of filters and beauty apps can change your look, but nothing can beat a more natural and stunning way.

Whether you are heading out for work, staying at home, or partying, these tips will enhance your appearance and save time. So for this, we have rounded up 10 best beauty and style tips every woman should know to get a flexible and easy lifestyle. For trying out any of these tips by salon artists, consider online salon booking from India’s leading platform Zoylee.

Wear lip balm under lipstick

Wearing lip balm for long hours leads to dry and flaky lips, to avoid this situation always wear a hydrating lip balm under your lipstick. Don’t try to use glossy and heavy lip balm, colorless and moisturizing one is the game changer here. Lip balm becomes mandatory when you wear a matte lipstick that can dry out the lips more. It protects the lips from damage and pigmentation. 

Coconut oil for removing makeup

If you are running out of makeup remover, you can go for a natural remover that is coconut oil. Even washing your face with a good face wash can’t remove the makeup and can damage your skin. What you have to do is take a cotton pad, drop coconut oil on it and remove the makeup by gently rubbing it on the skin. Be careful with the eyes, gently remove the makeup and wash your face with normal water.

Double cleansing

If you are unaware of the benefits of double cleansing then you don’t know about the beauty world. Double cleansing is the hottest concept these days, you will see a lot of people, influencers, bloggers are using it. Double cleansing means cleaning your face twice—the first step is oil based cleansing and the second step is water based cleansing. This method of cleansing deeply cleanses the skin including oil and dirt.

Setting spray is must

For a long lasting makeup when you are heading out for work, party, gathering etc, setting spray becomes your savior at that point. Primer considers as a base of your makeup and that works for the same. Along with primer, the one other thing that you need to include in your beauty routine is setting spray. After your overall makeup, just spray it all over the face so that makeup will become long lasting without fail. 

Don’t touch your face

Touching the face again and again is a bad habit which you need to stop doing. Hands are full of bacteria and germs, when you touch your face with your hands it will leave the germs on your face and make it dirty and damaged. Dirt and pollution are the major causes of skin damage so you need to develop the habit to avoid touching your face.

Wear sunscreen 

Going out in the sun damages your skin layer and can lead to several skin conditions like pigmentation, redness etc. Sunscreen acts as a protector for any kind of damage. Before heading out to work in daylight, make sure to apply a sunscreen. It should have more than 40 SPF to work well and protect from sun rays. Wear light weight, non- greasy and good quality sunscreen. Whether it’s rainy, cloudy, winter or summer, sunscreen is a non-negligible part.

Wear bangs

Stylish and cute bangs are a way to go tip especially for girls. Front bang or side bang both look great. If you have short or medium length hair go for front bangs and if you have long hair side bangs suits better. Hair styling and cutting also play an important role in your appearance so make sure to opt wisely. Also, any haircut depends on your face shape too, trend doesn’t mean it will look great on everyone.

Apply color correcting concealer 

Everyone uses foundation for hiding the flaws and making skin clear and concise but what people neglect is concealer. If you have dark circles, pimples, pigmentation concealer will become a game changer for you. There are many color correcting concealers available out there to hide the flaws, it depends on your concerns like for dark circles orange color correcting concealers is suitable.

Casual outfit with scarf

Casual outfit is the simplest form of styling but if you want to slightly enhance your appearance, go for a scarf around your neck to look more stylish and stunning. Scarf can be wrapped up in different ways, you can go with anyone which you like. But an easy way to style is to wrap it around your neck and it should be matching to your outfit.

Outfit color of your skin tone

Have you ever wondered why this color suits you and others don’t? Color of your outfit depends on your skin tone. If you have a warm complexion shop for yellow, brown, red, gold color outfit. On the other hand, if you have a cool complexion, look for a grey, white, black, silver color outfit. You need to fill your wardrobe with the garments which flatter you the most.

Bottom line

These are the best tips and tricks every woman should know. For making life easy and comfortable, these tips will help you to enhance your appearance.

So, if you want to try these tips just go ahead with it. For cutting a bang or for flawless makeup including concealer, you can book salon appointments with your desired salon or beauty parlor just by sitting at your home. Zoylee is an online salon booking app that helps the common people in their day to day life. Online salon booking is an easy and convenient process with this app. Go to their website and explore more.


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