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A Cancer Treatment In India Success Story You’ll Never Believe


Cancer is a life-threatening disease. It haunts a person physically, mentally as well as financially. It not just affects the patient alone but also the family members. Early detection of cancer can help treat the disease. Stage IV and stage V cancer have low survival rates. There are many success stories from where people have come out strong and fought cancer with their willpower and positive attitude while there are also some sad stories where people have lost their loved ones. Cancer is a dreadful disease that may come back. It drains the person emotionally. Although keeping hope and trusting the process can help fight this chronic disease and you may have another chance at life! Let’s take some real success stories of cancer treatment in India you never thought is possible. We call it “Stories of inspiration and Hope”

Success Story 1 – Prostate cancer treatment in India: 

This is the story of Mr. Ram Avatar who is 75 years old and suffers from prostate cancer. He is a cancer survivor and living a better life. This is a miraculous case as he took utmost precautions as instructed by the medical team. He was previously experiencing symptoms like the frequent urge of urination, blood in the urine, and pain while urinating. He never thought about what was causing all these issues all of a sudden. He never thought cancer was uninvited in his body. He visited a nearby doctor who then advised him to go for a few PSA tests in a renowned hospital. The test resulted in unusual levels of PSA so the doctor asked him for a biopsy. The biopsy test confirmed the doctor’s suspicion of prostate cancer. He had strong willpower and fought bravely. His family was his support system who took great care of him. He was suffering from stage II cancer. 

Success Story 2 – Bone marrow cancer treatment in India: 

This is a success story of Mr. Sigmund from the Czech Republic. “Life can be unpredictable and still should be thankful because God sends angels to help us and protect us.” He said this line after getting treated for bone marrow cancer. He had sickle cell blood cancer (leukemia) which is unfortunate. He doesn’t have a mother and the only support was his father. 

He was experiencing frequent fever and weakness. He used to take medicines to heal the fever. But one day the doctor advised him to visit a specialist. He underwent blood tests. This is when he got the news of blood cancer. The doctor advised him to go for a bone marrow transplant which was really expensive for them. Then their close family relative advised them to visit India for treatment as India is considered to be the best medical destination equipped with profound specialists and infrastructure at affordable cost. Indian doctors showed a ray of hope to his father. He underwent an allogeneic bone marrow transplant in India. The medical assistance company took care of all their travel, visas, stay, and insurance cover. The entire treatment took a month’s time. Now, it’s been 4 years and he is living a healthy young life. He is free from leukemia. 

Success Story 3 – Best breast cancer treatment in India

Numerous questions entailed in the mind of Babita Mandana when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Why me? Why have I to bear the pain? Why all of a sudden? What went wrong? She was living a healthy happy life at the age of 42 years. She said it is painful, dreading, unexpected, sleepless, and difficult to digest that she was suffering from cancer. 

She had a tumor in her right breast. She underwent various diagnostic tests to underline her breast cancer. It was turmoil in her happy life! With many sittings of radiation and chemotherapy happening all year round. The treatment was expensive and painful. She was detected at stage III. The treatment went for 5 years. The treatment had side effects on her body. 

Now, she is living with one breast. 

Success Story 4 – Stage 4 cancer survivors in India: 

A 53-year-old had liver cancer detected at stage 4. He was a moderator drinker and took cancer as bad luck in his life. He was told that he would survive only for 3 months as his cancer was diagnosed at stage 4. The journey was never easy since then. His wife took utmost care of him. He was a retired major hence he had strong willpower, well-disciplined, and a jolly person. He was never sad during his treatment. In Fact, he was full of life. He survived for more than 4 years only when, three months back, he started complaining of extreme shoulder pain and got weak. He used to walk with the help of a walker. His life was a miracle. He lived for 5 successful years and died peacefully at his residence. 

Success Story 5 – Kidney cancer survivors in India:  

Mr. Bowen was diagnosed with kidney cancer stage 3. The only encouragement he received was from his surgeon that he would make him as comfortable and happy as possible. He was put on chemotherapy. He underwent various treatments and surgery bearing a lot of pain. One fine day, doctors told him that he is well to get discharged but he needs to maintain a proper diet and adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Now, it’s been 6 years and he is fit and capable enough to lead a normal life just like before. He is thankful to the surgeon of India and the team. 

 The above are all true stories of cancer survivors in India. How these people came out strong and fought bravely are stories giving us hope and courage to be strong and trust the procedure. At the end of the tunnel, you will surely see a light and destination. 

If you’re suffering from any type of cancer or are experiencing strange symptoms please make a visit to your doctor. There are several Best hospitals in India for cancer with the best surgeons in the world. Most cancers are detected at the stage IV and V where cancer treatment is limited. The survival rate is less at this stage. If you pay attention to strange symptoms and get them diagnosed then the spreading of cancer can be cured. 


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