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Custom Bath Bomb Boxes – Why do you need them?

When you think of relaxing baths, the only thing you can think of is bath bombs. These small funky, fizzy-looking balls create the perfect segway into happy and calm bath vibes. It is the only thing that you can think of to unwind after a hectic day at work. Due to the growing demand for bath bombs, there is an equal ratio of the market in Custom Bath Bomb Boxes. Companies and businesses are looking to make their boxes more unique and different to help their customers distinguish between other brands. One of the essential things in increasing your sales is through the quality and aesthetic value of the boxes. The more visually pleasing your packaging, the more sales you will gain.

Here are some fantastic tips on why and how you need to focus on your  Bath Bomb Packaging boxes 

Choose your  Bath Bomb Boxes Wholesale wisely.

It is crucial to choose the suitable material for your bath bombs boxes for two reasons:

  • Protection
  • Environmental pollution

We give one of the largest varieties of robust, durable, and eco-friendly boxing choices than any other competent packaging company. 

  • Kraft bath bomb boxes

Kraft boxes are most famously known to be eco-friendly and recyclable material. They keep the bath bombs from breaking. It has a sturdy structure that can safely bear any dent and harsh environment to support the bath bombs. They are incredibly lightweight. Hence you can carry them around easily. Since they are environmentally friendly, they don’t cost much as well.

  • Cardstock bath bombs packages

As it happens, this kind of material is also lightweight. It also looks impressive, but the proper customization that captures your brand identity will make it look even more stunning. It suits any graphics design you want to print on it. It is more than capable of smoothly going through the printing process. It gives a more smooth and refined look than the other types of boxes in the packaging industry. Logically speaking, this material for the bath bomb is preferable in terms of looks.

  • We have corrugated bath bomb boxes.

Corrugated boxes are the typical choices for local and international shipping. It is much thicker in the layering of cardboard Boxes. Hence it offers the high protection that the fragile bath bombs need while being shipped to your customers. When you buy them wholesale, they are incredibly cheap as well. It further has two types:

  • Flat linerboards
  • Flutes 

You can increase the layering of both these types of boxes. It depends on your requirements. But they are strictly speaking from a product’s point of view. The thicker, the better. Especially for the bath bombs since they are pretty fragile and breakable and highly reactive to water.

  • Rigid bath bomb boxes

Traditionally speaking, the look and feel of these boxes are at the top of the packaging industry. It gives quite a regal and elegant look to your packaging, without a doubt. They have excellent quality. If your bath bomb shipments are going through international shipments, you should choose this packaging to provide maximum protection against dents and out pressure.

All these types of boxes explored above keep the bath bomb safe against water density and harsh shipping conditions.

Enhance the aesthetic allure of the bath bomb presentation boxes

Inventive and inspiring bath bomb boxes are the perfect way to grab your customer’s attention. At the innovative packages, we have experts that will recommend the best choices for you that capture your brand identity. There are thousands of different ty[es of bath bombs out there. Each of them has other ingredients, fragrances, themes, and flavors. You can customize those boxes according to the distinct types of bath bombs.

Using your brand logo or eye-catching color combinations matching your bath bombs is the best way. We own the state of the art graphic designing software.

Similarly, all the advanced printing techniques that will make your bath bomb boxes are stunning and unique. You can also use our other facilities like UV spotting of embossing and debossing texture on the text, foiling, stickers, etc. You name it, and we have it.

Lastly comes the finishing of the Custom Bath Bomb Boxes.

It is an essential step of the customization process. The finishing makes and breaks all your effort to make your bath bomb boxes stand out and demand attention from the retail shops. The coating enhances the looks and assists in protecting the paint and designs from any external harm. We offer many coating types. The most famous of them are below:

Gloss coating: it provides a beautiful glossy finish to your bath bomb boxes. It also shines in the sunlight catching your customer’s attention. All in all, it provides a lovely appearance.

Matte coatings: matte finishing doesn’t shine. It gives a dull and dense feeling to the packages, making the color on the box appear more deep and rich. Choose innovative packaging to satisfy all your packaging needs. Our fantastic deals and choices in customization packaging will boost your sales and profits in no time.



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