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The Use of Color in Custom Mailer Boxes

Mailer packaging is created to fulfill the purpose of creating a ‘protective barrier’ to avoid the products from getting damaged or entirely broken during transportation, and storage, etc. The packaging is also known to be a part of the product. It has become a means of marketing the product to the targeted consumer base. Due to the plethora of competing brands and the importance placed on effective packaging, this particular market segment is often viewed as the packaging printing industry’s backbone.

The color scheme of the mailer packaging is the first attribute of a product that a consumer’s brain registers before typography or images. This can help the brands and manufacturers establish a visual identity for the brand, attract consumers to their product, and create a ‘unique position of their brand amongst competitors. The Packaging Republic believes that packaging color can convey intrinsic meaning to consumers that aids brand recognition and communicates the desired image.

Psychological and Cultural Mailer Packaging Color Associations

Color on the custom printed mailer boxeshas been found to exhibit two different associations, namely natural associations and psychological and cultural associations. Consumers create natural color associations when they link the packaging colors to objects in nature, associating blue with the sky and yellow with the sun. In contrast, psychological or cultural color associations occur when colors hold different meanings in particular cultural contexts. For example, black is considered to symbolize death in the western world, while white is supposed to have that specific significance in other parts of the world.

Some brands and packaging experts put forward the notion of a “subliminal tool kit,” suggesting that the color of the custom printed mailer boxes can influence the spontaneous response, as well as brand loyalty. Absorbed subconsciously, these brand messages can evoke emotions and impact consumers’ purchase intent. This reveals the importance of packaging color, notably in a competitive merchandise category.

Role of Packaging Color in Brand Positioning 

To create effective brand positioning, marketing and packaging experts need to understand relevant color psychology and how this impinges upon consumers’ purchase intent. Impulse buyers responded best to red, orange, and black since these colors evoke a sense of passion, vibrancy, and sophistication, respectively. 

Red – Red custom mailer boxes symbolize energy, passion, excitement, increased heart rate, speed, danger, and increased urgency.

Orange – Orange speaks for warmth, vibrancy, aggression and creates a call to action.

Black – Black color on custom mailer boxes evokes a sense of power, sleekness, mystery, elegance, and sophistication.

Pink – Pink color on wholesale mailer boxes is known for evoking softness, sweetness, nurturing, security, romance, and femininity. Therefore, this color is mainly used on women’s products. 

Blue – Blue wholesale mailer boxes evoke trust, reliability, security, freshness, serenity, coolness. Thus, blue and black colors are mainly used for men’s products since these colors also symbolize masculinity. 

Creating Brand Loyalty through Colors

Brand loyalty is defined as the act of intentionally buying a particular brand in response to a need or problem. Brand loyalty can be unhinged if dramatic changes are affected to the color scheme or mailer boxes. This is because these consumers develop an attachment to the brand’s visual identity. Consumers exhibiting brand loyalty traits are inclined to respond best to the colors such as pink, light blue, and navy. These are the mailer boxes’ colors to which brand loyalists are most responsive.

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