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7 Destination Wedding Anniversary Celebrations to Make your Partner Fall in Love with You Again

We all know that a wedding is one of the best milestones in life, but one that is even better than a wedding is celebrating your wedding anniversary. Imagine spending years together with your partner and cherishing it on that special day every year. It makes you recall all the memories that you made during the past years. Anniversaries are a reminder that you fall in love with the same person every day, accept all their flaws, and continue to love them for now and forever. If your anniversary is fast approaching then we know you might be looking for some amazing ideas to celebrate this wonderful milestone of your life. So why not get help from a destination wedding planner in Mumbai?

When it comes to celebrating your anniversary, you should certainly go the extra mile and plan something extraordinary, and so what’s better than celebrating your anniversary at a destination that is known the best to celebrate love. Not only will it be a unique experience for you and your partner but it will also make your partner fall in love with you all over again. So here are the top 7 destination wedding anniversary celebration ideas that you should definitely give a thought to:

1.    A Road Trip To Leh Ladakh

Road trips are always a great idea as they allow you to travel together on unseen roads, enjoy the beauty and serenity, and bond with each other even better. Traveling always is a unique experience and what is better than planning a road trip to Leh Ladakh? If you are planning from Mumbai, then a destination wedding planner in Mumbai can help you out to organize your wedding anniversary wonderfully once you reach the location. This is because wedding planners already have good contacts in almost every state and so they can help you grab great deals and plan the perfect setup for when you reach your destination. Imagine traveling to Ladakh via road on a bike or a car and enjoying the blasting music, unpaved roads, the halt at roadside stalls, and all the long conversations you indulge in during the trip and then finally a beautiful set up at one of the luxurious stays in Ladakh.

  1.     Celebrate At A Houseboat in Alleppey

Alleppey, the land of the South is one of the best options you can choose to celebrate your wedding anniversary. This beautiful city is rich in its flora and fauna and offers breathtaking natural views that will leave your partner mesmerized. The plus point of having your wedding anniversary celebrated here is that its backwaters are often filled with romantic houseboats that you can book to celebrate your destination wedding anniversary. What’s better than having nature right beside you while you indulge in a totally romantic experience in Alleppey?

3.    Celebrate Your Anniversary At Your Wedding Venue

If you want to reminisce the day two souls became one then why not do it right where it all began. You can simply book your wedding venue and throw a huge party calling all your wedding guests again to celebrate an even important milestone in your life. You could also recreate your wedding at your wedding anniversary for a fun-filled experience.

  1.     A Relaxing Celebration In Uttarakhand

If amid peace and tranquility is how you seek to celebrate your wedding anniversary then Uttarakhand is the place to be. This state is filled with spots that offer harmony to the soul. To amp up your celebrations a bit, you can simply book a relaxing spa session for you and your partner to relax for a while. There are ample spas in Rishikesh that you can book an appointment at for a worthwhile experience.

  1.     Bring The Festivities  By The Beach At Goa

Goa is one of the ideal spots you can choose to enjoy your wedding anniversary celebration. This state in India offers an array of beautiful beaches that you can throw your wedding anniversary party at. You can also plan a beautiful celebration with the help of a destination wedding planner in Goa who will create an anniversary customized just how you like it.

  1.     Appreciate Nature Together At Kalimpong

If you and your partner are botany enthusiasts and would love to have a conversation at a place with boundless natural beauty, then why not plan a day at Kalimpong. This beautiful town in West Bengal offers an abundance of eye-soothing environments for all the nature lovers out there. Kalimpong is full of tea gardens, lush forests, and even a breathtaking sight of the Kanchenjunga. So what is better than wandering this beautiful town on the day of your anniversary and having heart-to-heart conversations about the things you love?

  1.     Digital Detox At Andaman And Nicobar

We know that if you are celebrating your anniversary in style then your digital devices are surely going to be with you so you can document every single moment. But some precious moments of life are better left unseen by others. So why not have a digital detox day where you do not touch your devices and enjoy a tranquil anniversary celebration at Andaman and Nicobar. This Island offers boundless beauty and is a paradise for all the water babies out there.

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These were some amazing ideas you can use to celebrate your wedding anniversary and they will surely leave your partner speechless. If you’re in Goa or Mumbai, you can also get the help of a destination wedding planner in Goa or a destination wedding planner in Mumbai to plan the perfect anniversary celebration for you.  


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