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Avoid Disposing These Things Down your Drain

With the growing population, the waste produced by them has also taken a toll. Here we’re not talking about just human waste but other types of things which are disposed of by people. It has become a major concern as it is brutally affecting the environment. It has given rise to air pollution, water pollution and even soil pollution. Every little step is a contribution that can lead to a beautiful change. 

However, if your drain gets clogged or some issues arise it is highly recommended not to do it yourself as you can get all messed up and maybe things won’t result in success. Let the professionals handle, look for blocked drain plumber or call drain plumbing services

Below mentioned are some of the things you should avoid putting down the drain:

  • Rice 

Rice swells when dried or cooked grains are allowed to wash down the drains of the kitchen. As for pasta, when inadvertently permitted to filter through, the same organic and health philosophies should be extended to sourcing healthier alternatives that do not injure drains.

  • Coffee grounds

Coffee Grounds-In their consensus that coffee grounds are one of the worst criminals for triggering drain blockages, plumbers are unanimous. So, disposing of the grounds in the garbage before rinsing and cleaning cups/mugs. 

  • Product stickers

Believe it or not, the tiny labelling labels on fruits and vegetables containing plastic are washed down the drain daily and cause problems. They can get trapped in the drain and pipes as well as stuck on pumps and hoses from wastewater treatment plants, or get entangled in screens and filters. And if any of that gets past them, they end up in the sea.

  • Paper towel

The absorbency inherent in paper towels makes them ideal for clogging up pipes, although they may be biodegradable. Compost them instead of flushing them, or move to cloth kitchen towels.

  • Cooking oils

It mixes very quickly with all other waste and greatly contributes to the creation of drain blockages. Instead of flushing it down the drain, oil can be filtered and stored for reuse. Along with grease and all fats, over thirty thousand sewage overflows in the United States contribute nearly fifty percent.Don’t forget the oils that should not be dumped down drains are also salad dressings and mayonnaise.

  • Condoms

It’s not like latex in water is going to dissolve. Your condoms will remain in the sewer for a long and illustrious life and many will leave for a life at sea. No one wants to see your condoms, and they don’t want marine life to choke on them, so throw them in the garbage.

  • Sanitary Towels:

Replicate example by making your own sanitary disposal device at home set by restaurants and most public ablution facilities. They often appear to grow by absorbing moisture. And it includes human bodily fluids, of course.

  • Car Fluids

To protect our rivers, to keep engine oil, transmission fluids, antifreeze and other vehicle chemicals away from pipes, including household and storm drains.

  • Medicines 

Studies have found everything from ibuprofen and antidepressants in our natural waters to birth control hormones. Most of this comes from human urine, but an estimated one-third of the medicines sold in the United States are left unused. However, it is suggested that you can mix it with something like coffee grounds sealed in a plastic bag and you can stick it in the garbage. 

You can get all these done and clear with the help of  blocked drain plumber, they are experts in getting these things done and clear. Next time, think about the environment we live in before disposing of any of these items. 


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