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Elevate Your Fashion Game With Aashna Shroff

Various social media platforms have become a fashion hub for many, with a constant rise in the number of influencers every day. This has given every young fashion lover space to well and truly explore different aspects of fashion and find what feels most like them. However, for anyone starting out, it may be difficult to find clothing items from the latest fashion trends that are all the rage right now. If you have ever experienced similar problems, Myntra Studio is the platform for you. This is a space launched by Myntra as an attempt to bring fashionistas one step closer to their favourite influencers like Aashna Shroff and make shopping much easier. 

Aashna Shroff is a young and fun influencer with a number of 4.5k followers and counting on Myntra Studio. She has a great understanding of the important details like footwear and accessories play in any look and uses it to her advantage to create fashionable and chic outfits. Playing around with unique outfit ideas is her niche, so she has definitely got some tricks up her sleeve worth noting down. Let’s take a better look at some of her most liked posts on Myntra Studio:

  • Fresh Jumpsuit Spin: While the usual straight-legged jumpsuits are great, they have become quite a common look. Aashna Shroff’s unique take on this piece of clothing with a pastel green flared jumpsuit is not only stylish but also extremely comfortable. She has paired this with some hoop earrings and simple flats for a balanced look.


  • Chic Shirt Dress: Shirt dresses are an all-time favourite, and this outfit by Aashna Shroff is surely impressive. A floral print shirt dress and using a simple watch and earrings to accessorize will give you a minimalistic look you can save for a fun day out.


  • Party-Ready Sheath Dress: A black sheath dress is something you can never go wrong with, and this Aashna Shroff outfit proves that. This solid black coated polyester sheath dress paired with some closed-toe heels and statement hoop earrings is a flattering option for your next party. 


  • Indo Western Kurti: This ethnic outfit by Aashna Shroff on Myntra Studio is sure to impress all modern-day ladies. Having paired a simple, straight kurta with some blue jeans, this is a perfect balance of traditional and western clothing. Adding some heavy earrings and a pink satchel bag for essentials, this is the outfit for every working woman.


  • Simple Everyday Outfit: Being in doubt every morning about what to wear is a common struggle simplified by Aashna Shroff. A basic t-shirt with slim-fit jeans and sneakers is a versatile fit that works on a number of occasions, so these are pieces you should definitely stock up on. 

Following Aashna Shroff on Myntra Studio is something one can definitely benefit from. If you find a look by her, that particularly impresses you, waste no time in adding it to your wishlist from the “Shop Products” option at the bottom left corner of the post. You can add the look to your wardrobe in just a few clicks, so start shopping!


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