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Fascination About digital marketing agency hk

Four reasons agencies should engage insocial listening

2020has beenan incredible year of transformation.More often, the brandswerecognize and cherishare beingaskedto play a greaterrole in shaping the worldthat welive in.

More than ever ,agenciesrequire a more effective wayto listen.As we showed inourmost recent report on industry trends,agencies that make use of social listeningcan help clients developmore value, be more aware oftheirmarketand createmore engagingwork.Conversely, those who choosetonot use itarelimited to thesame old heuristics , and their instinctsby themselves. Know about the Full Form Of IXPRL.

Stillnot convinced?Here are four reasons why youragencyshould consider investing in social mediaright now.

1. Finding valuable consumer insights

Intoday’s connected world, brands need tobeaware of their customers their needs, objectives,and even their own opinions.

Thetop-rated topicthat we covered inour digital marketing agency report wasthe relationshipbetweenconsumer insights and brands.Consumers have their own concerns thatagenciesare poised to tackle and they’remoreactive than ever before.

Conversation Clustersa simple datavisualization toolwhich helps youinstantly discover, understand,andvisualize the relationship betweenany topic with aglance.

HTML0With the help of social listeninginformation, agencies can assisttheirclients in establishingdeeper, more meaningful relationshipswith their clients.

Social listeninghelps agencies findevidence that can givethem anedge.It can be asolution toan overlooked demographic or an innovative anglefor a product in support ofthe pitch of an idea.

For one agency, it was a cleverreaction to the trend of locking down.By tapping into the massivepopularity of the videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ogilvy Toronto delivered oneamong the most influentialcollaborations oftheyear.The game’s playershad the opportunitytrade their turnips,one ofthe game’s most valuable assetsand then donate them to food banks(avalue of $25,000).).

Ultimately, agencies that use social listening to gather consumer insights are better placed to frame their client’s goods and services in a contextually-relevant way.

2.More accuratemeasurement

Before the advent ofsocial media, most advertisersand communication agencies relied uponlow-level metrics like salesto measure the effectivenessof their campaigns.Although there’s nothingwrong with it,the method can be a bitofan unwieldy instrument.

These days, agencies requiremore precise ways to modelanddocument the value thattheycan providetheir clients.Being attentive to social mediaprovides your agency with morecontrolof client campaigns,by allowing instant feedback from multipleinteraction points.It allows you to segment stratify, prioritize, and selectchannels thatgive you themost important information you need.

To start , foran example, you’ll be able to finda high-level viewon the impact of acampaign or hashtagortalk point withan engagementmetric such aspotential reach.After that, you caninvestigate further.The ability to zero inon the valuable data streamsfromFacebook, Instagram, Twitter (plusa variety of otheroffline sources)will give you a fullunderstanding of what customers thinkabout your brand and how they perceive your.

Being able to identifythose who are speaking andparticularly – howtheythink about your clientsby using a method like an analysis of the sentiments, can bea fantasticillustration of how effective typesofsocial listening to feedbackcan help organizations stay ahead of the curve.The report we conducted on the industry showedclearly a link betweenpositive reviews for an advertisingcampaign like Nike’s “You Can’tStop Us’ campaign -and the agencythat created it, forinstance(Wieden+Kennedy).

Topic analyticscan help you seeconnections between different topics, and giveyou an extremely visual waytovisualize important connections.

3. Crisis management

People are more vocalthanthey ever have been.Plus, that voicecan be heard everywhereinreal time.

Like you’d expect,crisis management is a crucialcomponent of social listening.Agents who spot problems astheyarise have an edgeover theirrivals.And, more importantly, theysafeguard their clients more effectively.

A well-designed social listening approachaids organizations in aarray of emergency management situations.complaints about defective products turn intoinstant conversations that solve problems or gather information torectify negative sentiment.Sudden shifts in public opinionare now manageable.The feedback on creatives that don’t get a good reception becomesan instrument to modifyor, inthe more serious cases take a different direction.

In the end social listening letsagenciesbe the guardians of thebrands theycollaboratewith. Itinforms clientsof issues they couldhave missed and provides theinformation needed to createan intelligent and well-plannedaction, in a group.

4. Competitive intelligence

Our report on the agency industry looked atthemarket’s challengesin 2020.As the pandemic plunges the world’seconomies intouncertainty, agencies are increasinglycoming up with new methods to innovateandprosper. Competitive intelligence isjust one ofthe ways. Inthe simplest sense, social listening agency lets youmake use of the most importantconversationsthat people don’t have aboutyou.

Yourcompetition hastheir own systems and strategiesfor success.Likeyou, they’veput infunds and time to build them.Through social listening, companiescan get involved in conversationsabout the reasons and howother brands perform:

  • What’s the driving force behind the successof aspecificcampaign?
  • How can brands usespecific media to createthegreatestimpact?
  • What are you comparing yourselfwith the rest of the world?

With a dependablesocial listeningplatform the competitive intelligence of your customers can beseamlessly integrated into your go-to marketstrategy. Without it, your companywill be forced to make decisionswith no informationto navigate the ever-changingworld.And ifDarwinhas taught us anything is that onlyspecies that can adaptthrive.



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Fascination About digital marketing agency hk

Four reasons agencies should engage insocial listening 2020has beenan incredible year of transformation.More often, the brandswerecognize and cherishare beingaskedto play a greaterrole in shaping the...

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