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Fascination About Flyttstädning i Göteborg

structures and casual chatsamong coworkers which take place intheir offices.No matter whether you love it ordislike it, working remotely–only for those who are able to manageit,not every job is suitedto thiskind flexibility -this is not uncommon for manyof us because ofthepandemic.

For thosenot yet familiar with working from home There’s plenty of informationout there tonavigate the obstaclesto stay productive and healthy(“Takean hour to shower!” “Don’t spend toomuch time on social media!”).

My personal experience suggests working from home couldbea real delightIf you’re willing to allowit.So I’d like to sharesome ideas to createan office space and routines thatwilllet working from home bea joyful, sustaining experience.And who knows?You may nothave the desire to go backthe office!

1.Take care of your body

In her bookProposalsfor the FeminineEconomic System,Jenn Armbrust Städfirma i Göteborg has a collectionoftenets, the firstprinciple being”Youcan have your body.”It’s simple enough to you, but working athome can make it easytooverlookyour body’s basic needs.If you work in a workplace you likely hadan office chair that was ergonomic, oranadjustable workstation.But, if you do not workfrom home, your workspace may consistof a kitchen table as well as athe basic chair.

There is no need to investon a whole office set-up, but rather pay attentiontothe way you feelwhile you work from yourhome. Oneadvantage toworkingfrom home –rather than inthe officethat you can move aroundfrequently.Explore various postures fromsitting ina chair, or standing atthe counter of your kitchen, relaxingonyour sofa, or sittingon a yogamaton the floor , usingyour table that doubles asthe desk. It took mequite a while(andsome significantshoulderdiscomfort)to figure outthat thebest posture forstretching out for long writing sessions for meissittingon a bench that is not back-less atmy kitchen table.It is helpful to test different positions so thatyoudiscover your physical comfort faster.

Anotherfactor to keep in mindisthe movement.There is a good chance that you walkduring youroffice workdaysuch as to workfrom the bus or trainorto the parking area, betweenmeetings,or to the cafeto grab a cup of coffee –and these breaks of movement are gonewhen everything you needis withina couple ofroomsinside your home. When I firststartedworkingfrom home, Iwas surprised to find thatIsometimes got in fewerthan1000 steps perday!

Theflexibility of home-based workallowsyou are free to move at any timeyou’d like to.Try setting a schedule fora yoga or workoutto break upa longemailsession.When I wasmaking my first bookJoyful, I took impromptubreak in my dancing whenever I wasstuck ona specific section that cleared my mindhowever it would have been difficulttodo in the office. I alsostarted to takean extended walk throughthe parkafter the end of eachday. Inthewarmer months I’d copyoutthemost recent draft, takeit with me . Then, I’d sitin the shade and writeit up. Inthewinter, I’d draw itat the kitchen’s islandat night after I gothome.

2.Use your commute

How long wasyournormal commute prior to getting ill? For manypeople the commute can vary from30 minutes totwohours(or more) each round tripday.It really adds up. Even at thelowest end at 30 minutesevery day istwo and aquarter hourshave now been gaining perweek!

The most important thing is being mindfulabout how you spend thattime.In your calendarbut it doesn’t havetobe at the exacttime of your commuteexactly as you wouldfor a meeting.

You could also block thattime away for your own uninterrupted time, somethingthe majority of adults don’t haveenough of.However, be sure tolay down your tools oncethe calendar alert soundsandallow yourself the time toenjoy it.

3. Createan immersive landscape

With Flyttstädning i Göteborgdull color palettes along with the synthetic carpets and loudHVAC systems, manyoffices are a solitarysensory landscape.Add to that the noises fromopen-plan seating and thereality that many workplacesare usually too cold orhot, andthe averageworkplace can be extremely unpleasanttobe in for long periods of time or even geton work.

While many of us oftenconsider the issue to be overstimulation However, office environmentscan just as easilybe understimulating.Workspaces are traditionally designedin accordance with the beliefthatto maximize productivity , youhave to reduce distraction,making them boring, uninspiringenvironments.Yet, research suggeststhat whenemployees in”lean”spacesare compared against those workingin “enriched”areas that are filled withpaintings, plantsas well as more sensory stimulation and the people working inmore enriched areas are 15 percentmore productive.Also, if workershave the ability to control the locationofobjects in their workspace? They’re33percentmore productive.

When you workfrom home, you canbecome like the peoplein thelabwho were in control of their work– and createthe perfect sensory environmentfor you.It could involveeliminating unpleasant sensations, bygetting noise-cancelling headphones to tuneout any distracting sounds or by adjustingthe temperature to make itcomfortable for you.

Additionally, considerways tocreate pleasant sensationsto your workplace.Hang up an image thatlets your eyebe a part of while you gazeoff from your monitor. Play nature sounds.Select a brightly colored mugfor your morningcoffee.

Thesenses of smell and tactilearenotably neglectedduring the time we’re tappingaway on the keyboard,therefore look for waystodraw them in. Forexample I cover my deskwhich I am sitting on when I writewith a sheepskin. Ithas a decidedly unofficelike softtexture. I keepan essential oil bottleat my desk, andsometimes I use a diffuserscent the air.

4.Get some sunshine

A flaw in the design ofmost traditional offices is thelittle sunlight is availablewithin workspaces.For most employees, theonly light in the daycomes from the dim fluorescentshanging overhead.However, studies have shown that thosewho have more exposuredaylight sleep better(upto 46 minutes longerpernight) they areless stressed, andmore activeduringthedays.Light regulates important hormones andneurotransmitters, influencingall aspects of our lives, from alertness,stress levels our immune system andour moods.

At home, youhave more control over whereyou’d like to work When you have the option,pick a location neara window.And ifthere isn’t muchnatural light coming into your space Utilize lamps to boosttheluminosity.Much like too muchbright blue lights from screenscankeep us upat night, a steadydose of bright and artificiallight in the daytime canassist in keeping our 24-hourinternal kontorsstadning i Göteborg clock synchronized.

Also, ifyouused to take a trainto work, it is likely that yougot at least a littlesunlight during your journey however, you’ll be missing outif now you jump straightinto work first thing.Light has the greatest impactto our circadian rhythmsearly inthemorning. It is recommendedtogo outside foran hour or twobefore sitting down.

5. Green yourworkspace

One simple thing to dofor making your workspacehappier is to includegreenery.The plants that are unable to thrivein the dim lightingof a workplace canthriveat home, andyou get the additional benefitof enjoying themeven when you’re workingwell.There’s no need to ownas many plants asSummer Rayne Oakes does in herworkspace at home and even just addingone or two has been proventohelp reduce stress and increasethe ability to focus.

6.Createa”getstarted” playlist

The biggest challenge I’ve encounteredthe home office isthe transitions.It’s often difficulttotake a break from all thosehousehold chores(emptying the dishwasher cleaning the laundry, folding laundry, etc.)and get down to work when there’s workthat you’re not doing.Many writersclaim that their homes arenot clean unless they’reworking on a novel.

One of the things that help ishaving some sort ofritual that signals thetransition into a work session. I havetwo”GetSet toWork” playliststhat help withthis: onefor writing while another is for email.The playlists always startwith the same song, so it becomes likea sonic trigger that primesme topay attention.

Another option for transitions ismaking a fresh cup ofcoffee or tea, performinga quick stretch,or settingthe timer to focus(Iutilizemy phone’sTidesoftwareon mysmartphone).

7.The snack hour should be special

The majority of guidebooks for work from homewill advise you to haveyour lunch in a restaurant, butit’s true that whenon the go, Iprefereating lunchat my desk.But that doesn’t mean thatI’m againsttaking breaks, though.As I said earlier the most important aspectsofmy breaks areto exercise andmake sure that I incorporate some movement into my life.

I alsolike a goodsnack break.The way we think about snacks isas fuel however for me,they’re more of a reward.In addition, as writerGretchen Rubin has pointed out the benefits of treats are that they makeus feel loved and energized, as well as motivated.Being able to cook in your ownkitchen, you don’tneed to usethe processed food options that arethe typical office snack neither do you needtoconsume it frombags.

I’ma big loverof cuttingup fruitandplacing it inwheels around my plate as well as making little samplingplatesout of my fridge full ofolives, picklesand othersnacks. Ican also make energy bars orbanana bread, and then freeze itto keep it in the freezerfor a snack during the week.You’re your own personal office managerin the present, so think aboutwhat could make youfeelloved and included, and makespace for it inyour day-to-dayroutine.


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