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Patanjali’s 5 Core Qualities to Gain Wisdom in Life

Patanjali wrote Yoga Sutra almost 2000 years ago that provides a deep insight into yoga philosophy and practice. It is composed of 196 short essays that offer knowledge about the attainment of inner peace and enlightenment. Patanjali in Yoga Sutras offers 5 key elements that you need to have wisdom in life for peace of mind.

5 Qualities For Wisdom in Life

If you want to live a peaceful and healthy life, read the following points. These will help you understand things important in life for overall wellness. Read on.


Also known as Faith, Sraddha is not just blind faith. Rather, it is about a sense of direction in life. Moreover, your experience helps you a lot to have that required faith in life. Practicing yoga gives you answers and evidence in life. Sraddha is completely different from a religious belief. You remain more open while practicing Sraddha.

Practicing Sraddha helps you grow deeper towards a particular thing. It could be God, Divine, Truth, or Universe. Every person has a different reality about truth in this world. Hence, the practice of Sraddha differently enhances your wisdom in life. Believing also leads you through difficult times without any hassle.

Tip: In case you want to learn more about yogic philosophy, you can always join a yoga teacher training in India.


Virya is a Sanskrit word that has its origin from a yoga asana, Supta Virasana. The word can be loosely translated to ‘root’. It gives way to a warrior like the strength that ensures you have a strong will. Moreover, practicing Virya talks about wholehearted commitment. Moreover, Virya encourages you to take head-on with hard times in your life.

Furthermore, Virya is closely linked with strength. Yogic philosophy talks about celibacy that ensures your Virya (sperm) never leaves your body. It through a full cycle within your body without being released from your body. Thus, it is one of the most important cores of wisdom in life given by Patanjali. It also strengthens your body from the inside.


Smriti is linked with memory. It can also be known as a recollection of past events that improve your memory. Practicing Smriti means you learn to direct your thoughts using a laser focus. Hence, it improves your concentration and mental focus. In contemporary life, people are too much dependent on technology. Thus, they hardly use their mind power.

However, practicing Smriti helps in the formation of new neurotic patterns in your mind. Practicing meditation or Dhyana enhances Smriti in your life. Moreover, when your concentration improves, it gives way to new thinking patterns. You learn to think out of the box that helps you see beyond usual things. It improves your intuition and helps you stay always on track.


Insight comes under the category of Prajna. However, mere thinking does not give way to Prajna. Rather, pure understanding and intuition enhance your insight. Even the easiest yoga pose gives you an insight. However, the intensity may vary from person to person.

With regular practice of meditation or mindfulness, you get access to various levels of awareness and consciousness. Over time, it becomes your second nature that you get a better insight into things without even thinking about them.


Samadhi is the last stage that provides you stillness of mind. Yogis spend years to reach this ultimate form of enlightenment. A person who attains Samadhi, his or her sense of mental focus and contemplation improves over time. The attainment of Samadhi diminishes all your desires in mind.

Furthermore, a person who has attained Samadhi is able to absorb things easily. You get direct access to your unconscious. While practicing meditation, hours feel like minutes and you get more time to learn about your inner mechanisms.


The above-given points are core elements to have wisdom in life. It could be a little complex for a complete beginner. However, when you join a yoga teacher training course, everything becomes crystal clear before your eyes.

However, make sure you join a Yoga Alliance certification course only. That will ensure you get genuine yoga knowledge. Just be consistent with your practice to have faster results. Over time, you become calm, have better insight, a strong mind, and a fit body. Hence, you live a perfect life.


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