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How To Style Your Jewellery

Jewellery is a great way of adding to your outfit and can make you stand out. This could be with earrings, rings, watches, bracelets or even necklaces. All of these can be a great addition to your outfit and can make you stand out. It is just like knowing which dress completes your style

If you ever worry that you might be putting on too much jewellery or you are not matching well. This blog will give you a few pointers that will point you in the right direction for styling your jewellery. 

Find your favourite jewellery 

Adding something else to your outfit like a piece of jewellery is very simple to do. Feeling good and confident about yourself can come down to your outfit choice. You should always pick your style and never feel forced to wear something.

The best way to find out what you like for your outfit is by trying different jewellery. Do not overspend on a pair of earrings or necklaces if you are not sure whether you like them. There are plenty of stores out there that sell cheap jewellery. Once you try these on, then you will be able to find out what you prefer. As soon as you do, then you can treat yourself to some vintage jewellery

You are best trying on jewellery in a store before buying it online. Find out the important information like how big do you want your necklace? Or how big your finger is for a ring? It can be extremely difficult to return jewellery so, make sure you have your sizes before purchasing online. 

Layer up your jewellery 

Do not be afraid to layer up your jewellery. What we mean by this is putting on multiple necklaces, bracelets, or rings. There is such thing as too much so it is about what suits your jumpsuit the most. Get a second opinion to find out whether it is too much or not. 

Make sure they go well together. It is pointless picking a gold necklace and a silver necklace as they might not have any chemistry. It is safer to wear the same materials than mix them up as they will just look tacky. 

A good way to mix your jewellery is by having a slight difference between the two. A great example would be having two silver rings. One that is fully silver and the other one that has a pattern on it. That way, there is not much difference between the two but, you can still tell the difference. 

Do not try too much

Believe it or not, there is a possibility you can wear too much jewellery. Make sure you do not wear too much as it can drown out your outfit. Keep it simple. 

Wear some earrings to match your necklace. You could also wear a couple of rings to go with a watch. There are plenty of ways to mix and match so, try them out. 

Wearing multiple necklaces is not a bad look neither. Just remember to pick matching materials or one being more subtle than the other. 

Mix it up

If you are a fan of wearing jewellery and have multiple rings or earrings then, you should try different accessories with different outfits. Just to mix it up a bit and surprise people with the amount of jewellery you have. 

Once you are done wearing those earrings or whatever you wore, remember to give them a clean. Wear those rings or bracelets that you have not worn in a while to reel in those compliments when you are out. Another thing you might want to keep on top of is the latest trends in the fashion industry as well. You do not want to be left behind. 

In Conclusion

Remember to try different materials and different jewellery as some will go better than others. One day you can wear a gold ring and the next, you can wear a silver earring. Having different materials makes you versatile with what you can wear. There are plenty of fashion trends out there so, make sure you explore the internet to see if you can get any inspiration for your next outfit.


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