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Apply These 5 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Face Beauty

Pollution, dirt, acne and oil production diminishes the natural glow of skin. But the good news is that you can transform the dullness to again natural and glowing skin with all these secret tips that we have rounded up in this post. It’s not an overnight miracle, it takes time, consistency and efforts. The flawless, blemish-free skin is not a dream anymore but a reality. 

Some of the makeup tips and beauty salon treatments help to gain healthy skin. Beauty salons provide different kinds of facials like Vitamin C, papaya to get healthy skin. For lazy people, visiting a salon is way easier than DIY. You can now book the appointment with your nearby beauty parlor just by sitting at home from an online salon booking app. It’s up to you, which one you prefer or both.

So, here are the secret tips to achieve glowing skin and enhance facial beauty. You might not have time for extensive skin care, pamper yourself with these simple tips. Continue reading!

Secret No.1:

Moisturization is key

Dry, flaky and dull skin needs nourishment and moisturization, which can be treated by adding moisturizer to your skincare routine. Moisturizer hydrates the skin deeply and makes it healthy with a natural glow. It depends on your skin type– dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin. 

For dry skin, thick moisturizer with more hydration properties and ingredients work wonders. While for oily skin, lightweight and oil free moisturizer that doesn’t increase oil production and breakouts. People misunderstood with oily skin don’t need a moisturizer. But it doesn’t matter what your skin type is, moisturizer is most important for all skin types. 

Sensitive skin types should use chemical free with no harmful ingredients based moisturizer. Alternatively, you can search out for the best ingredients according to your skin type.

Secret No.2:

Do exercise

Regular exercise flushes out the toxins from the body and makes it healthy and glowing. Jogging, running sweat out and yoga increases the blood circulation in your body. You will notice a natural glow after exercise and yoga. It calms the mind and body which enhances the body functions and improves skin texture from inside out. There are different types of yoga from simple to complex. But, you only need to exercise and practice basic yoga. 

Inhale and exhale therapy works great for body and mind, you can try this out. Daily exercise and yoga of 20 minutes change the skin drastically. Make sure to continue your skincare routine. After exercise, sweat and oil production increase, use toner to control it. Exfoliate your skin and moisture as well. 

Secret No.3:

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

The most amazing secrets celebrities and beauty experts swear by is hydration. A simple tip but neglected by almost everyone. If you are following a proper skincare routine and not hydrating properly then you are missing out on the best solution. Hydrate your skin with water and moisture with a lotion. 

Make it your regular habit– drink 3-4 liters of water every day and moisture your skin twice a day. Try to incorporate skincare products that are extremely hydrating for skin like Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid serums. Use hydrated DIYs and visit a salon to pamper yourself at weekends.

Secret No.4:

Pay more attention to Night skincare

Why are we paying more attention towards night skincare? While you are sleeping your skin starts repairing, this repairing process helps to penetrate the products well and shows positive results soon. Have you ever noticed when you wake up in the morning your skin looks glowing and healthy? It’s because of the skin repairing process that happens while you are having beauty sleep. 

Morning skincare routine can be a simple CTM  routine– Cleaning, toning and moisturizing. But, in night skincare routine add serums, night creams, lotion, eye cream etc. It’s also known as beauty sleep because of the healthy glowing skin we have the next morning. Proper sleep of 7-8 hours is must for all.

Secret No.5:

Protection from sun rays

Sun rays can damage your skin without letting you feel. Beauty experts and dermatologists are forcing people towards sunscreen. Sunscreen helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of sun that cause tanning, sunburn, pigmentation, blemishes, acne and even skin cancer. You are risking your skin if you head out without applying sunscreen. 

Make sure to use SPF 40+ and PA+++ to get complete protection and hydration. Apply sunscreen on hands and neck as well. Sunscreen is the guarantee of youthful skin as it helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Whether it’s rainy, summer, winter or cloudy you should wear the sunscreen. Also, apply before 15 minutes so that it absorbs well into the skin and then goes out.

Bottom line

Hope you found this helpful. Glowing face beauty is not achievable by one thing, you need to adapt a lot of changes in your lifestyle. Eat healthy, and hydrated food, avoid stress, go natural and visit the salon regularly. Try to find out the cause of skin concerns and treat it accordingly. Beautiful and youthful skin demands anti-aging treatments as well. 

For regular beauty treatments at salons, visiting over there and waiting for long hours in queues even in this pandemic is a big no. For safety and hygiene, book your appointment with online salon booking app– Zoylee. You have the opportunity to choose a salon near me and schedule the appointment and visit at a slotted time. Online salon booking is an easier and convenient way to make salon visits fun.

Just download Zoylee app from play store, search for preferred location, compare prices and ratings of different salons, choose the best beauty salon and book the appointment now.


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