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Brewing Problems Explained by Jean Louis Dourcy Founder & Brewer of Castle Malting

Beer malting is a process of practice, hard work and uniqueness. Brewing is a mixture of water, yeast, and hops after that when u mixed all, so that the end result is called beer. It’s true that real brewing is very complicated and tough. While brewing, the brewer has to take as much control over as many elements as possible, so that the end result is close to what’s in your mind.

Jean Louis dourcy is a famous brewer in belgium. He started his brewing company in 1868 at Beloeil, Belgium which is called Castle Malting. Castle Malting  is the oldest malting company in Belgium and produces one of the oldest and best beer malt in the world. The quality of malt castle malting produces has no comparison of all around the world. 

Dourcy Jean-Louis faced many challenges in the brewing process of starting days. Malting problems can become major or minor, but for the most, it’s usually minor things that can be fixed on the drop of a time. Here, dourcy Jean-louis explains what are the common problems of brewing.

List of Brewing Problems

Bad Ingredients – Bad ingredients is one of the common brewing problems. Bad ingredients means beer water which you used for brewing. Most people do not understand this, but bad water can totally affect your beer taste. So once you start brewing, take fresh and quality water because poor water will not make a good classic beer.

Beer malt also plays a big role in making the best beer. Yeast is also as important as malt. These two elements help you to create a tasteful beer.

Brew Not Fermenting or Slow Fermenting

If you are doing home brew with not the right temperature, so when it enters the wort, it can reason a delay in the fermentation. When this happens you can move the fermentor to a warm place or stand it in hot water. 

Infected Beer – Malt and sider vinegar smell are also signs of bacteria. Infected beer is small very badly, the number one sign of bacteria or infected beer is the taste. Once you taste the beer you will know your beer is Infected or not. The more you clean or sanitize, the better chances will be of avoiding bacteria.  

Dirty Bottle – Oil and grease bottles can make your beer defective. Once you choose the beer bottle make sure your bottles are totally  dry and sanitized before using. If you are using old beer bottles or used bottles make sure to use a no-rinse sanitizer.

Low Temperature – Yeast is contagious due to temperature most of the time. If it’s too cold or if it’s too hot it is not a good condition for fermentation. Summertime is not too good for brewing beer. if you don’t have anything to help to keep your fermentation cool.

Conclusion – Normally problems come when you try something new or challenging, so be prepared and never lose hope. Jean Louis Dourcy will be here to solve your brewing related  problem every time. Step by step planning will help overcome lots of the problems.


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