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Let Go Of Your Ego With Yoga

Overcome Ego With Yoga – Being human comes with both sad and happy moments. On the one hand, you experience moments of bliss and happiness with loved ones. On the other hand, you have to deal with uncertainty, impatience, and pain. One of the facets of your being that is also a major roadblock in your spiritual growth is ego. It is here that yoga can step into the picture and save you from an inflated idea of the self.

The ancient seers knew that ego is the chief culprit that take away your share of happiness from life. Ego is the functioning of your mind that creates the self or identity. Do you know that enrolling in the best yoga schools in India can help you tackle this issue? First, let us understand what exactly ego does to you as a human being.

Ego And Human Growth

An important thing you should understand is if your ego is healthy and balanced it helps you grow, survive, and achieve a goal. However, if the ego becomes distorted it wreaks havoc on your mental growth by filling your mind with negative thoughts and false beliefs. You start experiencing feelings of separation, pain, and suffering.

Fortunately, you have the ancient art of yoga to help you balance out and minimize the mental misery caused by this issue.

How Yoga Takes Care Of Your Ego?

Given below are four powerful ways how yoga helps you transcend the ego.

1. Know Yourself

The first step to overcoming ego is seeing and understanding it. Yoga forces your mind to take a hard look at yourself as individual. Just sitting silently in meditation or practicing specific yoga poses helps you enter states of introspection and self-reflection.

In short, the combination of meditation and yoga asanas helps your mind identify the unhealthy patterns of ego. You can also include psychological literature to get an idea about the functioning of your mind concerning the ego.

2. Focus Inwards

Your ego is born by looking outwards and thrives by obsessing with everything around you. To weaken its grip on your mental and physical health you should look inwards. One way to do this is by practicing a challenging yoga asana and trying to close your eyes at the same time.

Moreover, when you book a yoga vacation then pay attention to your body and breath instead of looking around to check how the others are doing a specific yoga asana. In other words, the less you compare with others, the less you have to worry about what others are doing.

3. Embrace Stillness & Silence

If you are constantly living in a hectic and busy environment, your nervous system’s fight or flight response system always remains active. As your stress level increases, so will your ego as it starts looking at others as a potential threat to your very existence.

You can enroll in a yoga school to get away from the noise of busy life and immerse yourself in deep yogic practice and control your ego. Just a few minutes of meditation in the early morning or before bedtime provides a calming effect on your mind, minimizes stress, and softens your ego. In other words, spending a few minutes helps balance your ego.

4. Go To Unknown Places

The best part about your ego is it is aware of its fragility. Your ego is afraid of oneness as it challenges every idea you have about the self. It is a major reason why your ego prevents you from practicing yoga. You should book a yoga vacation to not just practice but experience the benefits of this sacred art.

However, that is not all, yoga experts have come up with two solid ways for you to experience the depth of your being with yoga.

2 Fool-Proof Ways Of Doing Yoga

Given below are two ways for you to practice yoga to get rid of your ego.

1. Don’t Do It For Fame

Yoga experts know that millions around the world do yoga just to get a bit of fame in the world of social media. If you practice yoga for the sake of getting popularity, it is a bad idea. Never do yoga for the photographs or fame as these are catalyst to your ego. You should do yoga to transcend the self and not to add fuel to the fire.

2. Be Present

This is a normal scenario for everyone who wants to practice yoga and transcend their ego. Your ego does not like being ignored. This means your mind has to create new thoughts without break for the ego to be satisfied. Enrolling in the best yoga schools in India can help quieten your mind and let go of unnecessary thinking.


Your ego loves to control your mind and thoughts. However, you can transcend the ego by enrolling in the best yoga schools in India and live a happy life.


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