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How to Make Festive Custom Printed Boxes?

Festivals are special occasions that bring happiness, laugh and, fun to life. They are the occasions which everyone is waiting to celebrate. Many brands care about their excitement and filled it with special offers, deals, promotions, and new creative activities and packaging of their products. Why not making it more special through the new greeting packaging.  Festive holiday packaging plays role in marketing and making the brand more prominent among other regular brands. Make the customers feel special by delivering festive custom printed boxes.

In 2020, people rely more on deliveries rather than going out and celebrating their special occasion including festivals staying at home. According to the 2020 e-commerce report, The rate of Ecommerce increased by 40% as compared to 2019. So, why not avail the opportunity and deliver festive custom printed boxes this year 2021.

Every Festivals have their specialty and symbols. Every occasion including Ramadan, Eid, Halloween, Easter, Christmas has specific symbols and stories. Connect these symbols with your brand logo, and, relate the sayings with your brand promotion or you can customize your box with festive prints.

You can more enhance your marketing promotion through your packaging by adding or generating new quotes, sayings, or surprises. You can surprise your customers by adding different caring messages or greetings on the top or middle of the box or inside the boxes.

These things helping in brand marketing and creative packaging. Moreover, customers love this type of promotion with care.

 Here are the 5 tips to make custom printed boxes.

  • Festive Theme Printed Boxes

Whenever the festival comes, you don’t need to redesign the boxes. you can make it new by just customized printing the boxes. The simple idea is to re-print your brand boxes with a festival theme.  For example, If Christmas eve is about to come, you can reprint your design with Christmas print. You can design print by Santa clause illustration,  gingerbread, or Christmas tree illustrations. Or you can custom print it with the greeting and your brand logo.

  • Inner and Outer Print Boxes

Making your customer feels special. You can print boxes from the inner and outer sides of the box. A crowded full of doodling patterns or full of illustration pattern outer layer with a plain background and subtle, yet bright or vibrant color background with light color illustration (the look of the print from inside the box should not be noisy).

For example; In Pizza, Cake, Donuts, or any sweet boxes you can display the outer side of the box as noisy and the inner side should be a little subtle. (make sure the design should go with the theme). Another example is if you open the box (the inner side of the box) shows or greet like Santa’s HO HO HO or any other greeting like Happy Halloween or Merry Christmas.

  • Light and Dark Toned Print Boxes

Customize your boxes with a light (white) toned background or dark (Black or Blue) color toned background. Print your boxes in both toned. This looks interesting and indicates different moods. You can renew your boxes or can more enhance your box feature just by changing the background colors. Tines also depend on the product. They become surprisingly beautiful by adding or subtracting or changing color variations.

  • Nature Inspired Boxes

On any festival or occasion, The idea is to show the spring happening here.  Flowers, leaves, trees, spring, moon, star pattern prints with vibrant colors looks prominent. A plus point is that these prints are also perfect for giting. So, these looks show a special gift kinda look.

  • Shiny Glaze Print

Shiny, sparkling, glittery printing is a perfect print for festivals. It shows that the festival is full of shine and stars. These types of prints and designs are sparkly and of course prominent the brand. Eid, Christmas, and even Diwali occasions are filled with lights, shinings, glitzy and sparkling materials. Filled your print with shenanigans of festivals and make the occasion more happening.

  • Multi-colored Print Boxes

Multi-colored boxes also indicate the colors of festivals.  Festivals are filled with colors of joy and happiness. This is the best idea to customize a print box with lots of colors. Apart from aesthetics. Some of the famous festivals like Diwali,Holi, and Eid are colorful occasions and the people celebrate them with fun.

Accompanied this print with a basic holiday greeting and you good to go.


Bring the change in your life and specially in your brand. Generate new creative ideas to enhance the features and packaging of your product.

Festivals, Special occasions, and even anniversaries of the brands are the great time to renew the packaging of your brand. Customize the print of the boxes. Don’t renew the style of the boxes. For bringing a change, it is not necessary to adopt the whole new idea but you can just add few new changes and your product will be ready to come and compete in the market.


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