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Four Med School Mock Interview Questions to Help You Get In

When preparing for a medical school application, it is crucial to prepare for every step. From writing the application to preparing for the mock interview, it is crucial to learn how to appear for all of it. Some great students deserve to enter a medical school, but they still fail to get in; why? Because they fail to present themselves correctly in front of the admissions committee. Working on the application and practicing with mock interviews can make a drastic difference. That is why we are here with the med school mock interview questions that are most commonly asked. Being ready to answer all the questions will help you start in the right direction. 

Question 1: Tell me about yourself.

99.9% of the time a professional takes an interview, he or she starts with this question. Well, it is a great opportunity for the student to break the ice and start the conversation in an interactive manner. When appearing for an interview, it is crucial to consider it a professional conversation and not an interview. Consider it as a conversation with your colleague and answer the question like that. It helps to boost confidence and lets you give a more effective answer.

A common mistake that most students do while answering this question is that they start reciting their resumes. The officer probably knows everything that’s written in there. Instead, try to tell them about your unique skills and your motive to get into the medical line. That will help the officer to indulge more in your answers. 

Question 2: Why do you want to be a doctor? 

Prepare for this question right during the medical school mock interview because most of the professionals ask this. Students fall flat on the face if they are not prepared to answer this question. Do not stick to dumb answers such as liking science or wanting to cure other people. Better start with discussing your initial motivations like someone who inspired you or personal illness etc. Talking about experiences seems effective and depicts that you are seriously interested in applying for a medical school. The experiences should come down to your interactions with doctors or patients and how those interactions inspired you to become a doctor. 

Question 3: Tell me Your Greatest Strength

Do not try to impress the interviewer here by telling all the things that they want to hear. Be honest with your answers and tell them your actual strengths. Support your answer with a story. It would be helpful if you took help from the best medical school admission consultants beforehand to be prepared to answer this question. 

Question 4: Why this school? 

Many students answer this question by saying that their friends go to this school and they like it. Clearly, this is not what the interviewer is expecting. Before the interview, find out about the school, its facilities, programs, and other features. Go through their mission, placement rates, and rankings, and base your answer on this information. You can go through all of it while preparing for the med school mock interview. 

Do not stay limited to these answers. If you feel you have a better way of portraying yourself in the interview, do it. But be sure about your answers and avoid making any blunders. 


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