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7 Tips For Ordering Healthy Yet Tasty Food

Ordering food or looking for a meal plan delivery service? You should pay attention to this!

Do you think healthy food can’t be tasty and vice versa? Well, if you have set your priorities to high caloric pizzas and burgers- you will agree to this. But if you are concerned about your health then, here are some tips for ordering tasty yet healthy food!

#1 Swap The Caloric Bombs

Whether pizza or sushi: many popular dishes from the delivery service are quite fatty. If you know which ingredients make the meal a calorie bomb, swap them with some low-caloric option. Like, instead of double cheese pizza, go for the one with a thin crust.

#2 Listen To Your Body – Don’t Feel Peer pressure

Just because your buddies or colleagues order fries and burgers, you are not forced to eat unhealthy food too. Do your own thing and order whatever your body demands – not your tongue. And who knows, when you communicate that you are ordering healthy stuff, maybe some will go with you.

#3 Rely on Vegetables

It is a good idea to choose a dish with vegetables or to order vegetables as an extra. On the one hand, you can integrate valuable nutrients into your meal. On the other hand, the vegetables increase the portion’s volume, which contributes to faster satiety. 

Tip: If you wish to reduce weight but don’t wish to diet, consider consuming the Keto diet. It is one of the most recommended diets to lose fat and weight. And that why most healthy people consume Keto in Australia.

#4 Choose Whole Grains

Many restaurants and delivery services now offer the option of ordering whole-grain pizza crusts, pasta and sandwiches. If that works for you, then go for it. Whole grains are always a better choice than white flour.

#5 Leave Out Sauces Or Make Them Yourself 

Dishes often appear healthy at first glance. For example – salads and wraps or vegetables with chicken and rice. However, such appearances are usually misleading because a sauce quickly turns the supposedly healthy food into a fatty dish. 

Whether salad dressings based on mayo or cream sauce on the pasta: the sauce is often the real fattening agent. Side dishes such as French fries are also often served with greasy sauces such as aioli, herb butter or tartar sauce. This also applies to sushi. California rolls, for example, traditionally contain mayonnaise. 

Our Tip: Find out exactly which sauces your dish contains in advance. If you want to save calories, simply order the sauce off. What we eat has a lot to do with habit. You can train your sense of taste and adapt to healthy eatables over time. However, if you still wish to have the sauce, prepare one yourself. It’s quick and still tastes delicious. 

#6 Go For Smallest Portion

Every restaurant and every delivery service (even including NDIS meals) will tell you whether the portions are small, normal or large. It is better to order the smallest of all unless you wish to share the meal. And if there is only one large unit size, then save half of it for the next day. 

#7 The Customer Is King – Ask What You Need

Do you have to take everything as it is on the menu? Of course not. The customer is king, and you can have everything in the exact way you want. After all, you pay for it. So, feel free to ask about adding or cancelling certain ingredients. No problem at all – you just have to open your mouth and say something!

The wait is over. You’re all set to place your order now!



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