Saturday, April 17

3 Insider’s Tips On Keeping On A Perfect Spray Tan

A great looking airbrush tan can instantly make you feel like a million bucks without your burning yourself under the sun and getting uneven colour lines in areas that are all covered. At the same time, you may have heard 1 million horror stories of house spray tans can go wrong. None of you reading this today wants to see yourself as the unlucky recipient of a bad airbrush tanning, which is why you should consider having a session of spray tanning at airbrush tanning in OKC

In order to avoid a bad experience while you spray tan, follow these steps. These inside us tips on getting the perfect spray tan will make you look like $1 million dolls, With the perfect spray tan: 

  • Consider loading up on SPF: airbrush tanning even in the best spray tan in OKC does not contain any SPF. This can be tremendously dangerous for your skin, which is why you should invest in wearing a good quality sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30. Just because your skin looks darker after a spray tan session, it doesn’t mean that you are immune to sun damage. Suppose you are inherent without a dark skin tone you can have damaged and dried out skin as a result of even mild exposure to the sun. Not only is it dangerous for you, but it also shortens the lifespan of your tan.
  • Consider giving yourself a pat-down: after you had your tanning session done make sure to avoid rubbing your skin dry with a towel. Instead, in order to dry off moisture or dirt from your skin gently pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it down. Avoid exfoliating your skin after a ton. Make sure to exclude using loofahs, any scrubs or sugars, Using any retinal, AHAs or BHAs and waxing, As this could shorten the span off your tan.

Consider not drying out yourself: stay away from using lotions and oils prior to your tanning session, however, after your session slather on a generous amount of lotions or oils and avoid getting your skin entirely dry. This is the holy grail of keeping on a good tan session. As far as the kind of lotions and moisturizers are concerned, use moisturizers that glide on smoothly and absorb quickly hydrating your skin. Avoid rubbing it in for a longer time as this can remove your tan. At least two days before your next airbrush session, stop the process of moisturizing and keep your skin away from oils in order for the new application of The best spray tan in OKC.

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