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Set A Style Statement Wearing Moissanite Jewelry In Canada!

Precious gemstones have become a fashion statement, especially for women who prefer to wear high-end jewelry. Among the renowned precious gemstones, moissanite jewelry in Canada is gaining immense popularity. Moissanite is a gemstone or, say, crystals composed of silicon carbide created by a meteorite that fell to Earth. Since natural moissanite is rarely available, it is also created in laboratories. It is now considered one of the most scintillating gemstones all around the world. 

Individuals usually confuse diamonds and moissanite as they both give an illusion of similarity but are compositionally and visually quite different from each other. They both can be effectively differentiated on the basis of durability, brilliance, and color. However, one common feature of diamonds and moissanite is that they are good thermal conductors.

What are the origins of moissanite?

Moissanites are lab-created gemstones created in controlled environments using advanced technologies. Since there is absolutely no mining involved with the production of moissanite, their origins can be traced easily. Compared to the naturally produced and mined gemstones, lab-created moissanite has a less environmental impact and smaller carbon footprint. Therefore choosing moissanite jewelry over other precious gemstones is the most environmentally friendly choice. 

How to select moissanite jewelry?

Unlike diamonds which are graded on the basis of cut, color, clarity, and carat, moissanite is solely graded on the basis of color. This is because the cut and clarity of moissanite are similar across all their varieties. On the basis of color, the premium quality moissanite is almost colorless. Thus the premium quality moissanite jewelry completely resembles the colorless high-quality diamonds, which is why people get confused between both.  

The clear, colorless moissanite jewelry is worn by high-end women to showcase their regality and class in society. You can also choose the slightly colored ones if you are looking to cut some costs.  

How does the clarity of moissanite differ from diamonds?

The intensity and amount of scratchiness or blemishes on a stone determine its clarity. Just like naturally created diamonds, moissanite also has some imperfections, which can be clearly seen under magnification. The moissanite engagement rings in Canada and other moissanite jewelry are graded for clarity following specific standard measures. However, since the moissanite are created in the labs, their clarity is more prominent and is close to flawless almost all the time. Diamonds, on the other hand, are created naturally, they retain their blemishes or imperfections while shaped in the form of jewelry pieces. 

How does the color of moissanite and diamonds differ?

Although the moissanite and diamonds resemble a lot in terms of color or overall look when seen from a distance, there are significant color differences between both. When viewed closely under a certain light, moissanite reflects subtle yellow, gray, or green tints. On the other hand, the sparkling white diamond under the same light reflects no such tints of colors.  

If you are planning to gift a precious jewelry to your partner, it is advisable to go for moissanite jewelry rather than expensive diamonds! 


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