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Some Hidden Facts of Yoga You Must Know

With over 27 billion USD spent annually on yoga products, America has over 36 million yoga practitioners. The number is still rising. However, with such a large number of yoga practitioners, there has been a lot of misconception about yoga.

You will be amazed when you go through the following mind-blowing facts of yoga. Make sure you read every point and clear your confusion about yoga and its practice.

Mind-Blowing Facts of Yoga You Must Know

Yoga: Not a Fitness Fad

Just like weight lifting, cross-fit, or Zumba, yoga is not like any of these. Rather, yoga is an ancient art to work on your body, mind, and soul. Unlike others, yoga practice helps you attain a perfectly fit and flexible physique.

Further, various nations like America suggest yoga practice as a medical alternative. So, that’s how much important it is to practice yoga. Make sure you make it a part of your life and witness a complete transformation.

Savasana: Most Important Yoga Pose

Also called the Corpse pose, Savasana is without a doubt one of the best and most important yoga poses. Why? Because when you practice the Corpse pose, you enter a state of complete relaxation. You consciously command your brain to relax your mind and body.

Now, where else you find such a state where your entire being is under your control. Many yoga practitioners skip the practice of Corpse pose. They rather get up and leave to complete their unfinished work. It a state of pure healing. Thus, never skips practicing Savasana.

Breathing: One Stop to Relax

Something bothering you? No worries! Just take a deep breath in via your nose and slowly let it out through your mouth. That’s it. Now keep on repeating it until you bring your attention to your breath such that you get a calm mind.

When you practice deep breathing practice, you lower your mental activity. Thus, it reduces overthinking, anxiety, stressful thoughts, and negative entities. You experience getting one with a breath that helps you stay calm and composed.

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Yoga Poses: Flow With Them

Tired of unusual physical movements while practicing any fancy fitness fad? Guess what? There is nothing like that when you practice yoga. Then also you get a strong body that is flexible and agile to the maximum degree.

You naturally flow from one yoga pose to the other. There are no sudden jerks or halts. Rather, you follow a rhythm when you practice various yoga poses in a yoga session.

Note: You can enroll in a registered yoga school to learn basic yoga poses for a perfect start.

Yoga: Delay Aging

Who doesn’t want naturally glowing skin that stays for eternity? Will you believe that yoga can help you get that? Pretty shocking right! Smooth movements while practicing yoga improves your blood flow. Further, when you align your breathing with your physical movements, oxygen reaches the remote corners of your body.

Hence, you get naturally radiant, smooth, and glowing skin. Also, yoga practice heals every sort of physical or mental ailment. So, you never stress about things that you can’t control. Rather, you learn to grab the moment at hand and live it effortlessly.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned are just a few facts about yoga. All you need to know is that to live an effortless life, yoga practice is a perfect choice for you. Be it your mental or physical ailments, yoga practice cures all. You can also go on a yoga retreat to enjoy and learn this ancient art. For that, you can lookout for the best yoga retreats for beginners.

Hence, yoga is more than a workout. It is a perfect way to heal every dimension of your being.


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