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6 Finest Subway Tiles Backsplash Suggestions For Your Bathroom & Kitchen

To see your walls rendering a clean & classic look, nothing can be compared to subway tiles. These old-style rectangular tiles never go out of fashion. Do you know how subway tiles got its name? New York subway stations have given the tiles their recognition. Let your home enjoy the luxurious touches. You can create a bundle of unique patterns & aesthetics with the simple structure subway tiles. Read more to know the following ways to use subway tiles in your bathroom & kitchen. 

Bathroom Backsplashes

➤Protect the Areas of Bathroom Prone to Water

The bathroom is always the priority of homeowners to decorate with tiles. Adding white subway tiles serve the elite bathroom look. Cover the back & sides of the bathtub area with the subway tiles matching the overall wall design & floor tiles. The backsplash is used to protect the wall from water splashes. Ensure to cover the sink area as well with these tiles. 

➤ Balance a Busy Pattern

To create a balance, tiles are ideal for maintaining a spacious yet delivering fashion statement. Perhaps, subway tiles are a perfect choice. If the above section of your wall has small pieces of glass tiles or any other design, keep the lower section of the walls sophisticated with subway tiles. Or opt for a single row covered with subway tiles to balance out a busy pattern. The tiles counter the intricate design of your bathroom, hence meet your styling objectives.  

Backsplash Your Shower

Don’t miss the area behind the shower. Keep it distinctive with just one shade of subway tiles covering the built-in shower seat’s area (front & side). The all-white wall with a floral mosaic on one side looks stunning. 

Kitchen Backsplashes

Choose Colored Tiles

Well, white subway tiles are traditional, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve limited curating elements. To have a twist in the classic design, go for colored tiles in a hue that complements your kitchen. For instance, to make your white cabinets pop up, use grey, deep brown, brick red, lime green, or sunny yellow subway tiles. Be certain with your kitchen accessories to match the colored-tiles. 

Outfit a Coffee Bar

Highlight the small areas with subway tiles that serve as a perfect background for a recessed coffee nook. Don’t neglect the small space; a cohesive design is significant to unify elements. 

➤Alluring Herringbone Pattern

Though subway tiles are usually implemented horizontally, it’s time to turn the table. In short, you can use these tiles in other arrangements. Have you heard about the herringbone pattern? It’s a trendy zig-zag pattern emphasizing the unique arrangement. A very special look for your kitchen to have a contemporary feel.

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Hope you find any of these subway tiles backsplash ideas best fit for your home. Whenever redoing your bathroom or kitchen, these rectangular tiles make sense. They are much attractive as they add clean lines and up to the minute to your interior design. 


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