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The Fashion and Beauty Industry of Pakistan

The Fashion and Beauty Industry in Pakistan is a monstrous one and has been for a long while. The Fashion and Beauty section are gigantic supporters of the economy independently and possibly amount to a significantly greater sum whenever assembled. The Beauty Industry is viewed as a multi-billion dollar business that has expanded by around 20% from 2000 to 2010 and the development has simply kept on expanding in the previous decade. In 2017, the Beauty and Personal Care Industry were esteemed at around $460 billion with a projected development pace of 5.9% till 2025.

The mindfulness about style, magnificence, and skincare has expanded complex over the most recent couple of years because of the western impact just as an expanded interest inside the nearby populace. As Influencer culture has developed, so has mindfulness for Beauty, Fashion, Skincare, and Makeup patterns with influencers posting instructional exercises, moving temperament sheets, and that’s just the beginning.

The Fashion Industry of Pakistan has gotten a decent measure of consideration in the International Markets and has kept on developing with the approach of thousands of little or locally established organizations. The beginning of COVID-19 has just brought about an expansion in the previously mentioned as heaps of individuals have attempted to discover elective methods of acquiring and possessing themselves. and the Fashion and Beauty Industry is Pakistan’s No.1 Online Marketplace visited by more than 100K+ clients every day. With an advertisement posted like clockwork, the stage sees more than 40,000 day-by-day postings in 14 classifications of which Fashion and Beauty are just one.

The Fashion and Beauty Category has over 65K promotions recorded from everywhere Pakistan and highlights an assortment of items from make-up items, healthy skin items, garments, shoes, extras, packs, thus significantly more!

The stages on which the Fashion and Beauty Category is investigated the most is MobileWeb trailed by Android iOS and afterward Desktop and Apple iOS, in that provided request. Fashion and Beauty Activity

There are 11 sub-classifications in the Fashion and Beauty Category on itemized as follows:

Watchers can peruse the Fashion and Beauty Category sifted by the accompanying measurements:

Client Analysis

There are over 17M impressions to be served month to month in the Fashion and Beauty classification on with over 1M clients perusing the class each month.

By and large, each month there are about 520K ladies perusing the Fashion and Beauty Category looking for garments things, cosmetics items and devices, skincare items and instruments, shoes, belts, caps, and many various adornments. In correlation, there are around 550K men perusing these classifications each month too.

Mainstream Searches

There are over 65K advertisements in the Fashion and Beauty Industry Category. Probably the most usually looked into things are identified with the accompanying terms:

From marked garments and shoes to extras like shoes, socks, adornments, caps, and shades, has everything. Magnificence and Skincare things like covers, facial back rub instruments, thus considerably more can likewise be found on without any problem.

The most populated sub-classification is Clothes with a monstrous 27K advertisement postings. This incorporates attire from mainstream Pakistani brands, First-class copies, just as fare quality extras from well-known International brands.


The most elevated pace of viewership, just as postings, are from Punjab at around 36K advertisements each month. This is followed intently by Sindh with around 21K advertisements recorded each month. Advertisements are posted from everywhere in Pakistan incorporating far away regions in the Northern Region just as Balochistan



All in all, note that the Fashion and Beauty Industry of Pakistan is one that is ceaselessly developing and advancing with the digitization of the world. As we proceed onward in our recently re-coordinated and for all intents and purposes slanted world, the patterns of purchasing and selling are additionally advancing. There has been a lofty grade in the measure of locally situated organizations particularly in the attire and skincare/excellence section which have given an altogether new measurement to the Fashion and Beauty Industry of Pakistan.

Have confidence, however, as has all that you might actually be searching for whether it’s a fruity face cover for your Me-day, a comfortable coat for the colder time of year, or a pleasant pair of heels to go with your wedding outfit as Shaadi season is, by and by, upon us!

Keep in touch with us in the remarks to tell us what you’re searching for in the Fashion and Beauty category this season or what your number one buy from the Fashion and Beauty Category on was this season. Pakistan as an online classifieds’ commercial center is giving admittance to reasonable gadgets to a huge populace of this country and assuming its part in the digitization of the country. Investigate your choices of picking the best hardware inside your financial plan.


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