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Home Shopping Usage and Benefits of Antique Strap Hinges

Usage and Benefits of Antique Strap Hinges

We open our door inwards and outwards often time. Hinges play vital role in running the doors on their axis. Hinges help to fix the doors and give flexibility to move door outside and inside. May be it’s a large door or wide Iron Gate, hinges become the most important medium to keep them intact and flow smoothly outside and inside. There are so many strap hinges available like antique strap hinges, steel hinges, cast iron hinges, copper and brass hinges. Door hinges size and quality separates as per the demands. Some demands high quality antique strap hinges, some look for cheap option to open and shut the door. There is a huge difference in the quality antique strap hinges because they are made with strong and reliable material which assures the door safety. We mainly focus on giving you the types of hinges and their benefit of using it.

Antique Strap Hinges

They are versatile, unique, and durable and look classy on the antique doors. Antique strap hinges are mostly use in homes decorated with antique things. Antique strap door hinges mostly made up of cast iron and copper shades. It gives a finishing look to antique doors outside and inside. Antique strap hinges loved by everyone who loves to decorate home with classy and extraordinary things. It is durable, strong and ensures smooth functioning.

Antique Strap Hinges
Antique Strap Hinges

Butt Hinges

Butt hinges are mostly use for outdoor décor. Butt door hinges has an excellent capacity to bear amount of weight. This is sturdier and strong than those simple hinges.

barrel Hinges

This is a lightweight hinge use for lightweight doors or small windows. The one side of the hinge is fixed to edge of the door and the second part is fitted to door. It smoothly works but you make sure windows or doors are lightweight.

Spring Hinges

Spring hinges are modern type hinges. No need to push the door to close, the spring hinge automatically directs the door towards closing part.

Butterfly Hinges

Butterfly Hinges shaped in beautiful butterfly design. Mostly Butterfly hinges are iron cast and they give good support and strength for smooth running of doors inward and outwards.

Antique Strap Hinges makes a visual statement and this is why we can proudly say we have it for you. You can send your request for any design and shape and color for antique strap hinges. Strap hinges are cost effective and they are easy to use and install. We take bulk orders and also offer customizable hinges for special homes. You need not to compromise with quality. You can get the satisfactory products by selecting the quality material and design. Antique strap hinges are durable and long lasting. I assure you It won’t disappoint the foundation of door. Instead it will enhance the beauty of antique doors. We humbly request you to send your orders before its too late. If you want to make any query please write it in the comment section mentioned below.


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