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What is the Difference Between Closure and Frontal

When you are exploring to learn more about hair extensions, you come across some terms. It is important to learn about the differences between these terms so that you know exactly what you need. In this article, you will learn about the difference between lace frontals and closure. You get different options when it comes to lace frontal and closure. For example, you might want to try deep wave closure.


Usually, a deep wave closure and other closure options are a 4×4″ piece. It is made of silk or lace. In hair closure, a cornrow base has an attached hairpiece. It is secured around the perimeter. The purpose is to improve looks and protect your hair. For middle part hairstyles, go for a lace closure. Keep in mind that closures don’t recreate your hairline. The closure comes with options including free part closure, three-part closure and middle part closure. Lace closures are more flexible and naturally thinner than silk closures. Lace closure installation is seamless and flat. 


This half wig going from ear to ear is sewn with 3-4 bundles. The standard size of the lace frontal is 13×4. If you are a girl with thinning edges, go for this option. Now your hair can be effortlessly brushed into a ponytail. A lace frontal of the standard size saves fewer hair bundles than lace closure. When purchased individually, lace frontals can be expensive. However, you can buy the whole. A lace frontal is more comfortable than closure. 

Difference Between Closure and Frontal 

Finding it difficult to figure out whether you should buy deep wave closure or frontal? Whether you want a wig or a sew-in, closure or frontal provides you with a beautiful hair installation. Though both serve the same purpose that is closing off an install, there are differences between closure and frontal. In addition to being aware of the differences between these two, you also need to be aware of the style you want to achieve.    


A half wig, a lace frontal goes from ear to ear. Sewn with 3 to 4 hair bundles, a lace frontal comes in size 4” back and 13” across. On the other hand, the standard size of closure is 4” X4”. You don’t wear closures ear to ear. You install them in your head’s horseshoe area to close off the stitches. 


Silk or lace are used for making closure and frontal. Some frontals use both silk and lace. The middle 4X4 section is silk and the other side is back. However, when it comes to durability and quality, lace is most popular for both closure and frontal. Being flatter, lace frontal/closure looks natural.         


Go for frontal if you want styling versatility. You can hold frontals in an array of styles. Wear backwards and braid them. You can achieve any style with frontals. However, you cannot do that with closures. Another good reason for choosing frontal is that you can create your hairline. If you are a girl with thinning edges or traction alopecia, this is a good option for you. 


You can wear closure and frontal in the form of a wig or sew-in. You get more styling options with frontal wigs. When it comes to closure, you can use them for the centre part, side part and other simpler styles. Frontals are bonded in place. On the other hand, you have to sew in lace closures in place. You can place both behind or in front of the hairline. However, frontals typically go in the front.


Frontals come with more hair. This is the reason why you have to pay for lace frontals. Moreover, you also get styling versatility with frontals.


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